Frequently Asked Questions

What is the EAT One/Half WEIGHT LOSS Network?

The Network is a whole new exciting innovative way to take the hassle out of losing weight. Created specifically to provide support, it offers access to the most popular functions available for monitoring, controlling, and maintaining weight loss. The Network makes slimming down easy, helping you stay on top of your game to reduce body fat.

Can anyone use the EAT One/Half WEIGHT LOSS Network?

Subscribers who use the Network must be legally 18 years of age or older.

Do I need technical skills to use the EAT One/Half WEIGHT LOSS Network?

No such skills are needed. Easy-to-use, the Network has labeled tabs and does not require technical or digital expertise. Even if you are at the beginner level of using a mobile phone, a tablet, or a computer, Network functions are very simple to use.

Why should I subscribe to the EAT One/Half WEIGHT LOSS Network?

The Network is cool, modernly designed for you to take advantage of fresh ideas, hints, tips, and strategies. Developed with a great deal of convenience in mind, features on the Network make life easier. There are attractive, colorful touch screen illustrations to guide you through the process of selecting and achieving your weight loss goal.

What kind of features are on the EAT One/Half WEIGHT LOSS Network?

Numerous, powerful features have been incorporated into the Network. Among the most beneficial features are calorie assessments, food choices, physical activities, and highlights for your success. Another important aspect, the Network works seamlessly on multiple devices (smartphones, tablets, and computers). Equally important, subscribers will get to enjoy seasonal projects such as enrollment programs and activities, discounts, coupons, loyalty rewards, tell-a-friend, and so much more.

Are subscription payments for the EAT One/Half WEIGHT LOSS Network expensive?

No, payments are very affordable: Click here to view pricing information. Subscribers can agree to pay on a monthly, 3-month, or annual (12-month/1-yr) basis. Paying the annual subscription cost instead of monthly payments does save money. There are two payment methods available; each one allows you to pay your subscription securely: Credit/Debit card and PayPal.

How do I enroll as a EAT One/Half WEIGHT LOSS Network subscriber?

A new user has to login and create a subscription account, The Network will request you to fill in and complete information accurately. Then it gives instructions for different subscription payment plans. After you enroll do not allow anyone to use your subscription account. Nor should you use anyone else’s account at any time.

How long does it take before the EAT One/Half WEIGHT LOSS Network subscription is live?

Once the Network recognizes completion of information and your subscription payment is verified, live enrollment occurs instantly. In the highly unlikely event that rejection occurs, send written email to: and get help making corrections or changes necessary to gain approval.

How do I cancel my EAT One/Half WEIGHT LOSS Network subscription?

Please email your cancellation request in writing to: You must send an email at least one month (30-days) in advance to cancel an annual (1-yr) subscription. If you have a three (3) month or a monthly subscription, send an email (2) weeks/14-Days in advance.